We drive businesses that change the world
In the numerous companies we are active in and either founded or cooperate in a joint venture, they all share either of two things. They are shaping the world or are a major technical challenge.

We at WizardTales act as an accelerator for new and existing StartUps, but also build our own core businesses. We continuously build new solutions and make together with our partners our existing every day a little better. We don't limit ourselves to a certain industry, but select projects after the impact or the complexity. If the project is challenging on a high niveau or it drafts a major shift in how the world operates, you might gain a chance getting our interest.


In our role as an accelerator we help ideas to come to live. Partnering with WizardTales means not only that we become shareholders of the ideas and projects we support, our partners become also part of our network and gain access to contacts and resources. We support with free infrastructure as long as projects don’t have any funding and we might even drive it in operations for its whole lifetime. Partnering with us means you don’t start from 0. Business Processes, It Processes, operational knowledge, automation, compliance, basic legal bootstrapping comes by default at day zero. This togethermes with our strong knowledge in almost all IT areas and especially software architecture, development, infrastructure, artificial intelligence and in general running an IT Business is what we bring to the table.

In return we expect only to become shareholders and to have fun building something together.

Our current companies


wx-one a WizardTales brand, is a new hosting service for the modern world. Our hosting services are specialised in professional applications with their special features and tailored to the needs of our customers. We implement individual requirements and at the same time offer a broad portfolio of generalised services, which, supported by our experience, provide optimal coverage of most applications. Furthermore, we are leaders in the adaptation of modern standards and novel systems, such as our unique offerings for shared Kubernetes clusters or adaptations of new technologies like ASICs, or photonic computers especially for the HPC and AI sector.

We offer all this together with the combined expertise and years of experience to not let our customers down even in the absolute disaster scenario. We provide services for making server hardware accessible, as well as making individual servers or load balancers accessible via the Internet. This is offered either in the form of dedicated, dedicated managed and virtual servers or containers.

While wx-one can be called the cloud service of WizardTales, it is more. On the one side we have a broad portfolio of SaaS offerings, like our dedicated or shared kubernetes as service environments. On the other side we are more flexible than other providers and provide more than just our generally available portfolio, whatever your requirements might be we can design and implement it for you.


FramES is project together with the ErikSterck GmbH and can be shortly described as THE infrastructure automation of the modern age. It is a kubernetes focused solution that aims to do everything and abstract the hard part of running kubernetes as far away from our customers as possible. This allows our customers to deploy and use their very first kubernetes setup within minutes instead of weeks. Further it handles all the day 2 operations and takes care to validate all future kubernetes versions and drivers our customers need in the future.
This together we package with our unique advantage that others lack. We deal with the customer's reality: Instead of empty promises we deliver the usual unmatched WizardTales level knowledge, operational support, training and of course an actually working setup.


RYSKEX embarks on redefining how risks, or traditionally named “insurance”, are being traded. This has been done by providing a platform for negotiating deals with one or more parties involved. To support the users to understand the individual risk we also developed an AI driven risk index, the vuca world index. This all together gets rounded up with parametric risks, which RYSKEX was the first to really make popular on the market. RYSKEX was selected two times into the Lloyds lab and also won one of them.
While the platform provides the basis of tomorrow's risk trading RYSKEX was active on the political and legislative level as well. Over a long process we helped design the new laws that will back this new tier of risk trading in the future.

Our past companies


VAPA is an AI driven bid-management solution that helps customers to sell the right product faster. It uses reinforcement learning to achieve these goals in a completely automated but also flexible fashion. The whole system has been redesigned as we entered the playing field. It was redesigned as a microservice system under the principles of true microservices which you can have a read on - here -. Since this system has to process many thousands of new data records coming in every second and be able to handle even more it was designed from the ground up to be infinitely scalable. This means for example every component of the system has to be able to act as a distributed system. This is true for everything including third party components like the cockroachdb database. One of the main reasons to choose the WizardTales microservice architecture is that it naturally comes by as an independently scaling and distributed system.
The system today handles multiple Terrabyte of data without a sweat and scaling the system is just a matter of spending more money for more servers.